Widnes Combined Heat and Power Plant Update

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Widnes Combined Heat and Power Plant Update

James Smith, Site Manager ‘Stobart Rail continue at pace at Widnes CHP with the sub-structure works to be complete by January 2016. At present we have up to 60 men working on the scheme.’

Project highlights

- total project funding is £110m

- the facility will have 20.2MWe/ 7.78MWth output

- Stobart Energy will supply 146,00 tonnes p.a. of recycled waste wood to the CHP Plant over 16 years

- The plant will generate enough electricity for 35,000 homes

- Stobart Energy will also operate an adjacent wood drying facility, utilising the heat from the CHP Plant. This facility will dry 140,000 tonnes p.a. of virgin wood material and produce an output of 90,000 tonnes p.a. for sale into the small scale market

- Stobart Rail continue to work on the CHP plant with completion expected by December 2016 and commission achieved by March 2017.

The sub-structure works are going at pace with approximately 80% if this element complete. The superstructure works have commenced with steel and cladding is due to commence January 2016.

Work completion date is August 2016.


Tuesday, 01 December 2015
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