Competition Time!

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Competition Time!

Stobart Rail has taken delivery of two new Tractor units, this creates a unique opportunity to both raise some money for a worthy cause & for you to choose the ladies name to go on to each wagon.

The cost to enter is £5.00 with all proceeds going to Eden Valley Hospice, simply answer the following question:

What was the first name to adorn an Eddie Stobart Truck?

A - Twiggy

B - Cilla

C - Lulu

Along with your answer include the two names you would like one of the trucks to be named. You can also submit multiple entries to increase your chance of winning. The only criteria is that the name will have to be vetted by the Group and authorised prior to being placed on the wagon. If the winners name is not accepted then that person will be allowed to choose a name that is acceptable. Example: Lily Jean was the name of a previous wagon.

Terms and Conditions Apply

CLOSING DATE: Friday 28th July

Click here to enter


Thursday, 06 July 2017
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