Corporate Social Responsibility

Achieves sustainable growth, fulfills all legal and moral obligations.

We strive to positively enhance our interaction with communities and the environment.



Stobart Rail is committed to being a responsible company and making a positive contribution to society and the environment.  This helps to inspire trust in our brand, develop sustainable and strong relationships with stakeholders and support our long-term strategy.

Our CSR mission statement is 'Embracing responsibility for our actions and encouraging positive impacts through our activities'.

Positive engagement with local communities is at the heart of our CSR programme as we aim to minimise our negative impact and ensure we act as a 'responsible neighbour'.  Since the development of our 'Get Involved' programme in 2014, Stobart Group has continued to encourage employees to be more hands-on with their approach to connecting with local communities and charitable activities.


Stobart Rail Safety Campaign continues


We introduced Kingmoor Infant school to our safety characters Billy, Gus and Jim as part of our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Campaign. We joined Network Rail to highlight the dangers of trespassing onto the railway as there has been numerous reports of children playing on the track close to the school.

We demonstrated the benefits of wearing quality PPE, the importance of following rules around the railway and described the personalities behind our new Stobart Rail safety characters. We worked with Network Rail to highlight the dangers of playing on the railway and reinforced their ‘Stop, Look, Listen, Live’ campaign.

The children had a great time learning about Stobart Rail, dressing up and colouring in the safety characters.

National Campaign

Billy, Gus and Jim are spreading the safety message across the UK in conjunction with major projects and local issues.




University of Cumbria

Stobart Rail has been working with the University of Cumbria to highlight how important media is to the company.

Media students from years 1- 3 were invited to attend a lecture on the importance of media within Stobart Rail. Imagery and photography is essential to capture and demonstrate the company’s capabilities. David Mulholland (Mulholland Media) and Louise Gilbertson (Cloudscape Studios) exhibited the type of work they deliver for Stobart Rail. This included a good variety of animation, photography, videos and bespoke commissions. The lecture included technical demonstrations and examples of collaborative projects.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to understand how the industry works and ask any questions. David and Louise are both passionate about their businesses and highlighted the importance of standing out from the crowd.

Students were given a rare opportunity to explore media options and possible career paths. Stobart Rail will continue to work with the University of Cumbria to highlight career options, even if it is not directly with the company! 


Carlisle Skills Fair

Stobart Rail attends the annual Carlisle Skills Fair.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about careers working on the railway. The Skills Minister Nick Boles attended the event along with the organiser John Stephenson MP.

Representatives from more than 80 firms attended the event along with hundreds of school children. This event was provided a rare opportunity to inspire the rail workers of the future and promote vacancies within Stobart Rail.

Reducing Waste

Stobart Rail continually strives to find new ways to reduce waste and minimise its impact on the environment.  We boast a modern fleet of some of the most environmentally friendly transport vehicles, all meeting stringent European regulations around emissions. 

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