Health, Safety & Environment


Everyone home safe everyday

We have a strong foundation which we believe will achieve safer outcomes.

Our aims are to have:

  • Zero Accidents
  • Zero Complaints
  • Zero Health Issues
  • Zero Environmental Issues
  • Zero Incidents

Featured this month:

StobartRail HD PPE glasses

As part of a new initiative “Think Safety, Act Safely” Stobart Rail commissioned Carlisle based Cloudscape Studios to design 30 bespoke posters to aid and support a new culture campaign.

The campaign has allowed Stobart Rail to introduce some unique characters that deal with a wide selection of safety issues that the workforce can relate to.

The poster topics came from a number of sources including the Lifesaving Rules, accident and incident statistics from the last 5 years, high risk activities Stobart Rail carry out, wellbeing issues and behavioural based safety. An extensive range of subjects have been covered from working at height to wellbeing information all with the goal of raising awareness and providing information to Stobart Rail staff.

It is hoped that these bespoke posters are well received by our workforce and clients alike, acting as a constant reminder of the risks and hazards we face at work every day and how to eliminate them.

open quote The Safety and Wellbeing of our staff is our highest priority. This campaign is based on relatable circumstances that our staff encounter regularly, with characters they identify with. It’s about raising personal awareness to threats that we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

We all want to stay healthy and stress free. We want to travel to and from work safely. We want to do this whilst being considerate to the Environment and the Communities we work in.close quote

Kirk Taylor
Stobart Rail Managing Director

How will we achieve this?

  • Following the rules whether this be a procedure or site specific rules including the Network Rail Lifesaving Rules
  • Reporting any shortcomings to line management
  • Stopping work when something is not right or has changed from the planned activities
  • Staff using the training they have been given to carry out their roles and responsibilities to create a safe working environment
  • Robust Planning
  • Improving communication between all parties to learn and improve
  • Ensuring the Just & Fair Culture process we have in place is applied
  • Continuing to hold Stand Down days
  • Continuing to encourage the reporting of Close Calls
  • Providing the correct equipment and resource to carry out the works we conduct
  • Leading by Example


Our other safety messages: