Gospel Oak to Barking Electrification Project Update

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Gospel Oak to Barking Electrification Project Update

Stobart Rail is the track delivery partner for J Murphy & Sons on the Network Rail Gospel Oak to Barking Electrifi cation project. Our delivery teams will call upon their previous permanent way and track slab experience to ensure successful installation of all the track lowering sites contained within the scheme.

During the project:

• 5,101m of track will be lowered

• 13,911 tonnes of ballast will be installed

• 5,550 new sleepers will be installed

• 1476m of new slab track will be installed

• 5,200m of drainage will be installed

• 6,182 tonnes of spoil will be created

Craig Jones, Stobart Rail Senior Project Manager

“It’s very pleasing to see that the commitment and hard work of the team working on the Gospel Oak to Barking Project is paying off , we are on schedule to complete the TLS8 Up Line Track Lower despite the challenges the team has faced.”



Friday, 26 August 2016
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