Permanent Way

This evolution was brought about as a consequence of providing clients with an end-to-end service capability for not only the civils elements that we historically provided, but the introduction of P-Way competence using the same multi-skilled workforce, thus providing a leaner more cost effective solution.

New Contracts

Recently the business has moved into large scale track renewal and maintenance, winning contracts for Network Rail directly on electrifi cation, partnering with BAM Nuttall on the Highlands Enhancements

Programme, the track lowering on another electrifi cation scheme, Gospel Oak to Barking for Murphy and also carrying out track maintenance in the Far North supported from new offices in Inverness.


Slab Track Systems

Stobart Rail has installed various diff erent types of track slab systems including single and double bore tunnels. There has also been new installations on the West Coast Mainline, the North London Line and, more recently, in Chorley tunnel on the Manchester Airport link. Additionally the company has undertaken works to remove and replace life expired concrete slab track formation, installing new reinforced concrete slab and Permanent Way infrastructure in its place (Merseyrail).



Permanent Way Services


Track renewal: Plain line and S & C renewal


Track maintenance: Maintenance of all different types of track systems


Track replacement: Removal and replacement of life-expired track and to facilitate structure renewal work


Slab track systems: Construction and maintenance of fixed track and slab track systems


Associated Permanent Way installation: Installation and maintenance of sidings and depots


S & C and plain line re-ballasting: Large scale re-ballasting works using specialist plant and equipment


Track lowering, gauging and realignment


Specialist non-intrusive plant


Longitudinal timber replacement (includes remove and replace with alternate solution as required)