Stobart Rail actively build on behavioural safety culture

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Stobart Rail actively build on behavioural safety culture

Rail are actively building on the behavioural safety culture of its team with Safety Stand Down days. Those who attended the 3½ day programme at the Palace Hotel in Inverness at the start of November were of all different levels ranging from Project Manager to track men, all of whom are involved in the far North contract.

Jeff Broadhurst (Senior Training & Competence Development Manager) and Rachael Burnett (SHE Advisor)from the Stobart Training and Safety teams, delivered a comprehensive programme which was designed to promote and enhance positive behaviours, team working, safe and efficient driving and the implementation of a new Network Rail standard surrounding Safe Work Planning.

It was an interactive programme with some good discussions and positive participation. The week involved stretching some of the employees outside of their comfort zone with exercises around safety, planning, hazard spotting and remedial actions.

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Monday, 20 November 2017
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