The range of structures projects carried out by Stobart Rail are more diverse and extensive than any other type of work. The company's expert teams of multi-skilled civil engineering operatives are trained specifically to respond to the unique demands of constructing, maintaining and enhancing the full spectrum of railway structures.

Structure services:

  • Overbridge and underbridge reconstruction: Removal of existing bridges and design and construction of new in all forms of construction material from steel and masonry through to GRP.


  • Bridge and tunnel repairs and maintenance: All forms of bridge maintenance including steel work, concrete, brickwork and masonry, as well as waterproofing.  Tunnel maintenance including brickwork repairs and stitching, spray concreting, shaft repairs and gauge enhancement works.


  • Structural deck replacement: Including renewal of timber deck and strengthening, through to the construction of concrete saddles.


  • Longitudinal Timbers: Replacement of life-expired hardwood and softwood long timbers, including removal and replacement of rails, guard rails and transoms..

Structural Case Studies

Reinforcing Historic Railway Architecture

As part of the W12 Freight Gauging programme, the retaining walls and supporting masonry arches on the approach to Chorley Tunnel were identified as requiring alterations to allow the running of larger freight traffic. The scheme included the removal of the existing track, the installation of a temporary propping solution (designed by Stobart Rail Engineering) to support the existing retaining walls, the careful removal of the historic masonry Flying Arches in one piece for careful storage for future reinstatement, installation of ground anchors, new 6ft drainage and trench sheets. Subsequently the track and its formation were replaced.

The works were undertaken in a six week blockade and were successfully handed back on time.