Media Students learn how Stobart Rail uses Media

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Media Students learn how Stobart Rail uses Media

Media students from years 1- 3 were invited to attend a lecture on the importance of media within Stobart Rail. Imagery and photography is essential to capture and demonstrate the company’s capabilities. David Mulholland (Mulholland Media) and Louise Gilbertson (Cloudscape Studios) exhibited the type of work they deliver for Stobart Rail. This included a good variety of animation, photography, videos and bespoke commissions. The lecture included technical demonstrations and examples of collaborative projects.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to understand how the industry works and ask any questions. David and Louise are both passionate about their businesses and highlighted the importance of standing out from the crowd.

Students were given a rare opportunity to explore media options and possible career paths. Stobart Rail will continue to work with the University of Cumbria to highlight career options, even if it is not directly with the company!



Thursday, 11 February 2016
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